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NUIT presents a marriage of the sacred and the profane, other-worldly shapes in an urban landscape. Each garment is designed to shroud and strengthen the body, ennobling and mystifying the human form.

Founded in 2012, by Anastasia Ikonnikova, NUIT began as a project which aimed to bring the mystical into the everyday. Anastasia creates conceptual garments which are both, wearable and flattering while featuring dramatic silhouettes which empower the body. Fabrics and materials with innate beauty are a starting point for design, with subtle, intricate details adorning the final garment. The colour palette is harmonious and neutral, allowing the natural elegance of the wearer to be the center of focus. Black is often the language of NUIT, for black is infinite, like the night-sky. Each collection is made-to-order in limited quantities, distancing the label from modern fast-fashion models, and embracing the traditional, sustainable and ethical process of an atelier.

Initially born into the world of music and performance, NUIT weaves a dreamscape of mysticism, nature and art into each collection, distilling these inspirations into talismanic, physical form.